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Secure Insight's Know Before You Close(c) Consumer Program

Last year the FBI estimated that there was more than $2 billion in mortgage fraud surrounding mortgage closing transactions.  This translated into real financial harm for consumers nationwide.

Because mortgage fraud is a problem that will not go away, consumers need to know who will be handling their mortgage proceeds and documents at a closing.  That person may or may not be an attorney, and may wear more than one hat at the table, acting as a representative of the borrower and also acting for the lender and the title agent.  Most consumers are driven to preferred closing attorney and closing agent relationships by realtors, mortgage brokers and loan originators, and so they have little or no independent relationship with these people, yet they are entrusting them with critical details regarding what is likely the single largest financial transaction of their lives. 

Before you reach the closing table, with all the stress, excitement, confusion and the mountains of legal paperwork, you can have a better understanding of the risk you may be taking by searching the Secure Insight database.  Agents in our database have been vetted to verify their identity, credentials, civil lawsuit and criminal backgrounds, as well as credit and professional credentials such as licensing and insurance.  The Secure Insight database is also populated with a Watch List containing the names of more than 45,000 people nationwide who have had licensing and litigation issues and may be a high risk.

Access to the Secure Insight database is FREE to consumers, because Secure Insight believes that an educated consumer is best for the financial industry and reduces the risk of consumer harm.

Look for the Consumer Search Function to go live in soon...then before you go to the closing table, search our database and see if your agent has been vetted for risk. You can also use the database to search geographically and choose a verified agent near you.  Don't place your assets and your home in the hands of someone you don't know...know before you close.

Look for the Secure Insight Closing Agent Registration Seal.SSI Closing Agent Registration Seal