Megan O’Connor

Senior VP of Operations

Ms. O’Connor has more than 25 years of experience in the mortgage and financial services industry, as well as in software and technology. As an experienced mortgage professional, Megan has held several key management positions in the mortgage and financial industry prior to joining Secure Insight including serving as Vice President of Operations at Financial Realty Advisors and Citizens First Funding, where she helped and advised borrowers in implementing mortgage planning strategies, and made sound lending and investment recommendations.

She has a comprehensive professional background in commercial and residential real estate, from finding, funding, and improving — to leasing, selling and property management within multiple levels of the real estate market.

Previous to her mortgage career, Megan was a Senior Executive Account Manager at BMC Software servicing clients such as Dow Jones, M&M Mars, Ernst & Young, and Pfizer. She was responsible for customer care/implementation and servicing of their enterprise management software to ensure 24/7 x 365 systems availability. Her past software experience also included Senior Account Management positions at the business unit and corporate levels for several firms in the San Francisco Bay Area.