Client Testimonials

How do we know that Secure Insight provides the industry’s most comprehensive, easy-to-use, cost-effective closing agent verification process? Our management and customer service team is in constant contact with our clients and they send us comments like these…

“Using SSI provides confidence when vetting and allows us to focus on other risk concerns.”

Gary A. Haley

VP of Risk Management, Bank of England Mortgage

“Plaza Home Mortgage is always about Clients First. With Secure Insight (SSI), we know we can deliver quality to our clients because we are working with a properly licensed and reputable settlement agent or title company. SSI has a very knowledgeable staff who understands all the different state requirements for settlement agents. It’s a front line tool we use to protect our deals and minimize our risk, and totally aligns with Plaza’s overall Clients First approach.”

Michael Fontaine

COO & CFO Plaza Home Mortgage

“Proper vetting and evaluation of mortgage closing professionals is not only a smart business move, it may also be required of mortgage originators under recent federal regulations. Secure Insight has a firm understanding of the issues the industry faces in this arena and has brought to the table an actionable solution to a problem First Tennessee – along with our peer institutions – has been discussing for years.”

Robert A. Garrett
SVP, First Horizon Bank

“I fully embrace Secure Insight’s verification initiative. As a long-time national provider of title and settlement services, and witness to developments in our industry in recent years, we are convinced of the wisdom in thoroughly vetting service providers. By addressing Dodd-Frank’s third-party oversight requirements, Secure Insight’s verification process will help us mitigate our own risk—and enhance client trust and confidence. “

Christopher DeLisle, Esq.
President, Equity Settlement Services, Inc.

“As a lender we are concerned about the wide open window of risk we have for possible fraud that makes us responsible to repurchase loans years after closing and how we can limit that risk. By addressing closing agent risk management through Secure Insight, we gain the value of an independent and comprehensive approach to risk management that includes ongoing monitoring. As a result we feel better about our business relationships and the quality of the loans sold to our investors.”

David Stein
COO, Residential Home Funding

“I wanted to thank you for your staff and your thoroughness. While a vetting process can be daunting, your staff has been responsive, helpful as well as looking out for the best interests of the financial institutions that you are representing. After the collapse of the financial market, it is refreshing to see the banks take additional steps to ensure the risk of the companies that they are using to handle their transactions.”

Dann Barbakoff
President, Sterling Title Agency

“Signature Closers is excited to partner with Secure Insight, Inc. to incorporate their vetting process into our business operations. We feel our industry is in need of proactive and committed professionals and this vetting process will contribute to improvements across the entire industry. We certainly believe it will enhance the quality of our service that we provide our clients and are pleased to continue to improve our operations.”

Mark Fleming
President, Signature Closers

“Secure Insight is the preeminent service used by banks and mortgage lenders to vet entities conducting real estate mortgage closings. The mortgage industry is trending toward private third party vetting and Kriss Law/Atlantic is proud to be among the first to receive this certification.”

Scott D. Kriss, Esq.
President and CEO, Kriss Law/Atlantic Closing and Escrow

“The Secure Insight vetting process is comprehensive and registering our branches was quick and easy.”

Jeff Howeth
SVP & General Counsel, North American Title Group, LLC

“Their are risks in our industry that are unpredictable and difficult to avoid without the use of Secure Insight.”

Gabriel Gillen
President Family First Funding, LLC